Paradise Lost

This programme celebrates the 350th anniversary of the publication of John Milton’s epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’, one of the greatest works of epic poetry in the English language. We intersperse music of the time that reflects Milton’s words by Purcell, Blow and Carissimi with readings from ‘Paradise Lost’, creating an evocative... read more

Deplorable Fire

Featuring music from the time of the Great Fire of London and the restoration period in England, including works by John Blow, Henry Purcell, Pelham Humphrey and Christopher Simpson. Pieces are interspersed with reading from the diaries of Samuel Pepys and John... read more


Ceruleo explores themes of love and betrayal through the music of George Frederic Handel and Barbara Strozzi. Including the dramatic cantata ‘La Lucrezia’, depicting the emotional aftermath of the rape of Lucretia, and chamber duets by Handel and Strozzi, the programme is interwoven with poetry and spoken... read more

Aspects of Love

This programme includes musical treats by Monteverdi, Purcell and Strozzi that perfectly suit Ceruleo’s forces. It is interspersed with love poetry from the 17th century taken from the book ‘The Cavalier and his Lady’, along with words by William Shakespeare.... read more

Passion and Seduction

An exploration of the music of female Italian composers including Barbara Strozzi, Isabella Leonarda and Francesca Vizzana, this programme compares the passionate secular and sacred music of the 17th century in Italy through music and... read more