“…this is one show that deserves greater exposure…”
★★★★ Richard Morrison, The Times
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“…the whole achieved a directness worthy of Purcell himself“ 
Claire Seymour, Opera Today
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“… the way the drama allowed a remarkable cross section of Purcell’s music to be performed was quite striking.”
★★★★ Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill
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Burying the Dead is a new Purcell theatre show for the 21st century which takes the audience on a fictional journey inside the head of composer Henry Purcell.

Purcell is in his final illness, suffering from feverish dream-like hallucinations in which the past, present and fantasy collide and his songs take on a life of their own, moving from the ‘theatre of his mind’ to the actual theatre and beyond!

The show deals with various issues from his life, including his experience with the Great Fire of London and the Plague, as well as his relationships with his wife and actresses in the theatre.

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Tour Dates and Info


3-5th May 2018: Concerts in the West

17th May 2018: Music at 22 Mansfield Street

17th June 2018: Stroud Green Festival

17th July 2018: Buxton International Festival

3rd August 2018: Lake District Summer Music

17th November 2018: Saxon Shore Early Music Kenardington

5th January 2019: Baroque at the Edge, LSO St Luke’s

27th July 2019: Ryedale Festival

31st October 2019: Brighton Early Music Festival

December 2019: York Early Music Christmas Festival

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Niall Ashdown

Henry Purcell


Clare Norburn


Thomas Guthrie


Simone Ibbett-Brown

Production Manager

Charles MacDougall


Natalie Rowland

Lighting Designer

Hannah Pearson

Costume Designer

Simon Adams

Ralph Allwood

Emily Baines

Boronow Danson Family

Julian Bowden

Timothy Brennan QC

Helen Charlston

Katy Cooper

Clare de Bono

Tim Doyle

Katharine Fischel

Linda and Anton Fishman

Jenny Frost

Heather Gibbard

Roxana Gundry

David Hudson

Agneta Lansing

Peter and Gilly Lea-Cox











Bibi Lees

Barbara Mair

Mike Mair

Julia Owen

Robert and Sara Owen

Charles Perrett

Wayne Plummer

Mary Jean Pritchard

Gabriele Renz

Andrew Round

Timothy Round

Melissa Scott

Rosie Stokoe

Neil Thornton

Nicola Wallis

Chris Webb

Sally Webster

And other anonymous donors

The Nicholas Boas Charitable Trust

The Fidelio Trust

The Gemma Trust