30th June 2015: Square Mile Music Series

Ceruleo are delighted to be returning to St Mary at Hill for a recital as part of the Square Mile Music series. For this concert, we will be performing for the first time a new concert programme showcasing the work of female composers of the early Baroque period.

1.15pm, 30th June 2015, St Mary at Hill. Entry is free and unticketed.

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  1. Emily, it was I who stumbled into your pre Concert rehearsal yesterday. I hope the Concert went well; I was only sorry that a Livery lunch precluded me from attending. I am particularly interested in Baroque music and must confess am not that familiar with Leonarda’s work but the glimpses I heard make me want to discover more. I would be most grateful if you could send me the Programme of yesterday’s Concert and put me on your mailing list for future Ceruleo events. With best wishes, Mark


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